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November 10, 2013
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OS : Hades App by 13on13on OS : Hades App by 13on13on

♦ Name: Hades 
♦ Gender: Male
♦ Eye Color: Amber
♦ Hair Color: Brownish-Black
♦ Age: 22
♦ School: Olympus State University
♦ Major: Psychology 
♦ Extracurricular(s): Veterinarian Assistant
♦ Minor: Fine Arts


Deathly Submission:With the palm of his hand, Hades (or  Hale ) can touch any living thing that breaches contact with his skin, and literally absorb all energy from that creature. This ability he has been able to be kept intact during his descent into his human form is under his direct control, though he resorts to this power only in necessary circumstances. 

Restless Nightmare: Placing the enemy or potential victim underneath a deep slumber, Hades can easily slip into a dream and revert that fantasy into a nightmare. Spiders, bats, death, any fear or weakness the victim has can be spotted out by this god in the slightest of ease. Pain that is inflected within the nightmare is terribly realistic--taking his time to thoroughly expose and torture  the captured. 

Cerberus Howl TBA

Passive | Relaxed | Calm | Mysterious | Polite | Considerate | Unpredictable | Diligent | Abrasive 

Hades isn't your typical bad boy, most likely because of the calm,cool, and collected aura he has about him when ever he's on campus. Being the human reincarnation of the dreadful God of the Underworld, Hades has been usually misjudged about his character due to his godly status and reputation. Though others would see him as dreary and flat out evil, Hades is rather passive and simply tries to keep order and balance. Immediate change is something he isn't quite accustomed to, having keeping order in the underworld for countless years--following routine as given. 

Considering his recent 'fling' with the goddess Persephone becoming his wife entirely by force, Hades has now concluded that women are nothing but objects of desire and value. "Beauty must be contained, bottled up from the world" he states defiantly. Though the Fates instructed him that there are other candidates out among the various amounts of goddesses and gods, and he should not simply be tied down to what they claim  her to be his 'first crush'.

Tattoos lined along his arms, shoulders, and back; Hades has gained these inked characters to seal his potential rage. Though he can contain the majority of it on his own free will, he has struggles with his anger in the past if things don't tend to go his own way. Human's seem to find them very appealing, but he sees them as needed restraints to keep balance and avoid possible chaos.


Brother of the mighty Zeus and Poseidon, Hades helped his brothers defeat their father Cronus in an outlandish war to gain power and freedom.

War  finally over, and the all of Gods were finally at peace, the only thing that was left was to decide who got what. Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus had to figure out a way to split the rule of all the lands. Drawing lots (or sticks, straws) randomly. Mayhap not the most logical way to solve the dilemma, but it did solve the problem with minimum struggle and argument as each God respected what lot they drew. After drawing lots ,Poseidon had won the oceans, Zeus the sky, and finally Hades won dominion over the entire underworld, also known as 'Erebus'.

Hades was well suited to his role as king of the underworld. His dark demeanor and morbid personality made him none too loved by the Gods and the mortals. Because of his position, Hades was able to distance himself far from the others, and her rarely took part in the affairs of Olympus.

The one thing that Hades was missing from his large dominion was that he was a king but had no queen. Eventually he would find his wife in Persephone, although not entirely by his own accord . What happened was once Hades’ was out among the mortals,  Zeus shot one of his arrows dipped in Aphrodite’s love potion, which caused Hades to instantly fall in love with the first person he saw. This person was Persephone. Being in love with her Hades wanted to have her, so while she was picking flowers Hades opened up the very earth and abducted her. Hades’ abduction would have gone just fine and dandy, except for the fact that Persephone was the daughter of the goddess Demeter. Demeter, once she realized that Persephone was missing, began an intensive search for her daughter. Consumed by her grief and her sorrow Demeter, who controlled the seasons, the harvest, and plants, refused to allow the crop to grow and mankind suffered. The thing was that Persephone could return unconditionally if she hadn't eaten anything. However when Hermes arrived he found that Persephone had eaten six pomegranate seeds. It’s varied in accounts, some say Persephone was unaware of the effect of eating the pomegranate seeds and was tricked, but other say that she fell in love with Hades and chose to eat the seeds herself so she could return to him. Either way she had to return for 6 months every year, and during this time Demeter gives bad weather to the world, the seasons known as fall and winter.

When Hades heard of the Olympic State University program, he eventually yearned for applying; especially since the chance of understanding and seeking closer interaction with the mortals was implied with the package , along with 21st century knowledge. He honestly was against the very idea from the beginning knowing he had bigger and more important objectives on his agenda, but the word soon got around that the majority of the Gods were join the program. AKA POSEIDON . ZEUS. 
♦ Trivia:

 -Tattoos align on Hades' skin: arms, torso, and thighs.

-During his God-Form, those tattoos manifest to take over his entire body,transforming his two legs into a pitch-black haze. Very hazardous 

-He has a puppy named Cerbaroo, a jet black husky that is very overzealous.

-While studying psychology, he volunteers at a local veterinarian facility taking care of countless pets.

-During late night hours, if not working at the  facility, he bartends at the school's night cafe.


 -Dark locations

-Black coffee

-Jazz/Classical music

-Horror movies



-Dogs-Mostly Cerbaroo

-Beautiful women/men

- Anything submissive


-Overly enthusiastic people



-Bright objects

-Loud disruptive noises

More TBA

Hades(c) :icon13on13on: 

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